Phone: 403-208-4527

Big Bucket Car Wash Inc. ® 98 Crowfoot Circle N W, Calgary, Alberta T3G2T3

Crowfoot - Big Bucket Car Wash Inc. 
98 Crowfoot Circle NW  (across from Crowfoot C-Train)

To reduce the risk of transferring the Virus, we will remain not accepting

We now do accepting Touch credit, Touch debit,
Apple pay, Watch pay etc.
We also offer a Big Bucket Savings Card where you can save 20%

Our current hours of operations are:
Seven days a week
7:00 AM To  9:00 PM

Fleet accounts available


2 Touchless Wash Bays
There are 2 touchless wash cycles to choose from. Whichever option you choose you will be sure to enjoy the ride through the bay as well as the effortlessly clean vehicle on the other side!

10 Self-Serve Bays
Each are equipped with; presoak, high pressure wash, spot free rinse, high pressure soap, hot wax, vacuum and foaming brush. Two bays have shampoo options.

4 Outdoor Powerful/High Capacity Vacuum Cleaners
One of them includes a shampoo and spot remover feature for all of those random pet accidents or coffee spills!

We are currently accepting: MasterCard, Visa, Big Bucket Savings cards, and American Express Credit cards.

Debit Touch Pay, Watch Pay, Apple Pay etc.